DIY Necklace Organizer


I have always struggled with keeping my necklaces organized. I have tried various ways of storing like in different plastic boxes, organizer bins and drawers and so on…. They always end up scattered, tangled and messy !!!!

This made me want to have all my necklaces in one place, easily accessible , neatly organized and most importantly in my sight. 😀

Out of my sight is definitely Out of my mind 😀 😛

That’s when I came across this DIY on Pinterest. So I just leaped at doing the project since I had most of the supplies handy.

All I needed were :

  • Wooden hanger/s
  • 3/4 inch Cup hooks
  • Command hooks


I marked the points where I wanted to insert the cup hooks, drilled holes on the marked spots and inserted the hooks. Voilà! The hangers were ready to hold the necklaces !!!

I chose to use command hooks to hang the hangers. That way I can rearrange the positioning of hangers with ease whenever needed.

I had some spare wooden hangers that I had purchased for my toddler’s wardrobe from Ikea kids section so used these small sized ones instead. And thus needed 3 hangers to organize my necklaces. A regular sized hanger would hold more necklaces. So just tweak around according to your requirements and available supplies!

fullsizerender-1Now all my necklaces are neatly displayed in my vanity room where I can pick and put them on with so much ease !!! 😀

img_2302A close up of my DIY jewelry organizer to hold my favorite and frequently used earrings and other basic essentials. You can find a step-by-step tutorial for it here .


img_1695img_1696img_1810Some close-ups of my handmade stoneware pendants. They are such unique and versatile statement pieces that can be accessorized with any kind of look, be it ethnic, western or fusion!!!

You can find similar pendant necklaces on my Etsy Store.


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