Wine bottle gets an eccentric Makeover

From the time I started doing DIY projects, I am literally hoarding anything and everything! Collecting used wine bottles became one of those! I ended up collecting so many that my husband had to step in and say, “Enough!” 😀

With a heavy heart, I kept a handful and had to let go most of them .

In my earlier project, I used yarn to wrap around a used beer bottle and did some decoupage work over it. Check out the link for a detailed step-by-step tutorial.

This time I wanted to do a detailed painting over the bottle. Since I am always fascinated and inspired by Indian folk and tribal art, it had to be something based on that! I am always enthralled by its vibrant colors, designs, illustrations and so on…

To start with, I chose to paint a Kathakali face on my bottle.

Kathakali is a classical Indian dance form originated in Kerala (southern India). It is a Hindu performance art that is typically distinguished by its colorful and elaborate make-up, costumes and face-masks that are worn by the actor-dancers.


After completing this painting, I am so pepped up to paint all the other bottles! And have again begun to collect them 😛

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