DIY Jewelry Stand

Why spend money buying a jewelry stand when you can make one at almost no cost? This would probably be the easiest project than anyone could even imagine doing! All you need to do is glue a candle holder to a plate.

As Simple as that!!! 🙂


You will need:

A candle holder ( mine is from Dollar Store)

A plate ( I used an old plain ceramic one, you could use anything of your choice)

Super Glue ( I used E600)


Let’s get started:

  • My plate was a plain white and seemed to lack that pop of colors and also character. With this spontaneous, random warli doodling, I threw as many colors as possible ( or used all the Sharpie colors I had 😛 ). This step can be avoided if you already have a patterned plate or want to keep yours plain.




  • Lay the plate upside-down and glue the candle holder at the center of the plate. Let it dry completely for a couple of hours.
  • You could add some tiers with more plates of different sizes. But make sure that the plates are light weight since you will be stacking them. My plate was a heavy one, so I decided to stick with only one tier.


  • Arrange your favorite jewelry on your new stand and embellish it! 🙂



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